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Trouble Installing Your Downloaded Faith Database?

  • Open a window using Windows Explorer.
  • Locate the file you downloaded (fdbsetup)
  • Rename the file to fdbsetup.exe
  • Double-click on the file fdbsetup.exe

Tips When Uninstalling & Your Bookmarks & Friend Books

If you are uninstalling / reinstalling the Faith Database and have created USER BOOKMARKS and/or have the FRIEND BOOKS that you want to save:

Copy the following files to a temporary directory on your computer (i.e. C:\temp):




fdbupdate.exe (Friend books)

Uninstall the program.  Delete C:\FDB folder.  Reinstall.  Restore your archived files.  Be sure to double-click the .exe file to reinstall the Friend books.

For additional support related issues, you may send us an email using our support webform.  CLICK HERE >>