Faith Database Patch

Ensure your Faith Database is up to date.  Download the Faith Database Patch free!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I haven't received my email confirmation for my Download.  Can I still download?

Once your order is complete, you will be sent an email confirmation with details of your order.  If you have selected the Download version of the Faith Database, you will also be instructed in how to login to download.  If you haven't received your email (be sure to check your spam or junk folders, since that is often what has happened), you can still login in by CLICKING HERE >>

2.  The disk keeps spinning when I am trying to install.  Why doesn't the Installation Wizard display?

In some cases the Installation Wizard can take up to 10-15 minutes to display.

3. What should I do if I have problems installing the downloaded program?

In some cases the file you’ve downloaded will have the “.exe” file extension dropped. Simply rename the local file and add “.exe”, then double-click on the .exe file to install. 

4. When will the new Mac version be available?


5. How much is the network version license fee?

The 30-user network license will be $339.95.  You will be able to receive a CD or you will be able to download the network version program from the website. The network version will run on Unix, Linux, Mac or Windows and will require both MySQL and Apache to be already installed on your server.  A release date is not available at this time.

6. Can I make a back-up of my Downloaded version?

After downloading this software, you should make a back-up copy on a CD or other back-up media in case you need to reinstall it.  The file name is fdbsetup.exe---when downloading we recommend choosing Save instead of Run, and save the file to a location where you can find it when you are ready to make your back-up copy.

7.  If I must reinstall what are the correct steps to do so?

1.  Uninstall
2.  Delete C:\FDB folder
3.  Reinstall

8.  Will I lose my Bookmarks if I uninstall my Faith Database software?

Yes, you will.  Here is what you can do to save your Bookmarks:
Find and copy these files, located at C:\FDB, to a safe place before you uninstall:


After you reinstall you will need to copy these files back to the FDB directory.

9.  Do I need to store the Faith Database at the default directory, or may I store it at another location?

For a successful installation process it is necessary to store the Faith Database at C:.  This is the default directory.  Some of the writings are downloaded from the internet and they will look to store themselves at C:\FDB folder.

10.  I have experienced an error message during the installation of the Patch, should I click Cancel, Ignore or Help?

Some users may receive several error messages during the final phase of installation of the Patch Update.  Please choose Cancel--this will close the software.  Double-click on the Faith Database icon to reopen and continue with installation.  If you receive another error message please repeat these steps---Cancel, reopen, continue---till installation is complete

11.  I have experienced an error message during the installation of my Download Version, should I click Cancel, Ignore or Help?

Please see steps for #13 above.

12.  I'm a Netbook user,  and I am unable to scroll all the way to the bottom, what can I do?

Netbook type screens are smaller with generally a resolution of 1024 x 576.  The Faith Database requires a resolution of a least 1024 x 768.  We do not recommend use of the Faith Database on mini-screen type computers.

13.  I have tried everything to install my Faith Database CD, but it just won't install correctly, now what?

Because the Faith Database is stored on your C: drive you might find it necessary to "run as Administrator" for a successful installation.

14.  What are the proper steps for adding the Add-On Title files?

Begin by having the Faith Database software closed
1. Double-click on the Add-on Titles file to launch Wizard
2. Follow each step within Wizard
3. Launch at the end of the Wizard--this step will add the titles to the software as the software opens
4. Close the software and repeat 1-4 for each Add-on Titles' file