Tim Staples, Apologist

A wealth of priceless information at your fingertips, I don't leave home without it.

John Martignoni, Apologist

This database is incredibly easy to use! The Bible cross-referenced with the Church Fathers, and much more.

Doug Sherman, President, Immaculate Heart Radio

The Faith Database is an amazing resource. It is hard to believe that so much useful information can be contained on one disc.

Fr. Dave Voors

What a joy the Faith Database has been to use.  It will be a great asset for RCIA, homily help, and just great spiritual reading and information. Thank you for this work which truly honors God and the Chruch.

Jim Roy, Indiana

Thank you for this wonderful program. This is the most user-friendly Catholic Church database that I have seen. It will be very useful for all in our family. Great job!

Ron Kipfer, Apostolic Christian Minister

As a pastor, I have often wished I knew what the early Church writers thought about a subject.  Until now I would look through some books or try a search engine on the web, but it was always time consuming and I had the feeling that I may be missing something.  Having used the Faith Database for several months, it is the most complete and versatile search of the early Church writings that I have ever seen.

Mike Fallon, Georgia

This is a unique resource that allows searches across Scripture, apocrypha, books, religious works, letters, official writings, and other documents that are difficult to find. There is nothing like it on the web. Highly recommended for tapping into the history of the church and as a means of exploring a variety of apocryphal books. Outstanding work!

Ron Sartor, RCIA Instructor

What a resource.  I use it continually for my presentations in our RCIA process.  I found many sources that helped our candidates, sponsors, and RCIA Team members. I ordered two more for our Religious Ed. library for staff members.

John Yuhaniak, PA

What a blessing to have all these Catholic resources available in this one fantastic program. Keep up the great work! God bless you.

Tink Coonan, Seminarian

As soon as I heard about the Faith Database and the inexpensive price it offers for such a wonderful compilation of sources, I jumped right in and bought it.  Not only has the Faith Database served as a useful resource to find that elusive quote that would be perfect for the given situation, but it also has been very neat to see (and even sometimes read) many other sources that were new to me, including extensive Chesterton and Newman texts--two very genius writers and highly applicable to the Church and world of today.

Kerry Cervoni, Indiana

The most outstanding feature of this database is the accessibility and ease of cross referencing the vastness of our Faith in one location. It will be extremely helpful for RE, RCIA, Bible study, evangelization, apologetics and personal spiritual growth. I have been searching for a Catholic database and yours has surpassed my expectations. Thank you!

Robert Haddad, Convenor, Catholic Chaplaincy, University of Sydney

Having received a copy of the CD, I can highly recommend it to all Catholics seeking easy access to the treasures of the Church. It is all there - Scripture, Fathers, Magisterial teachings. One does not need to look any further. Certainly a valuable resource for those wishing to build both their knowledge and their spiritual life.

Gib Patt

Learned about this from John Martignoni. It is incredible. I use it daily.

Deacon Pete Pohl, Graduate Student in theology at Walsh University, North Canton, Ohio

I purchased a copy of the Faith Database late in 2008 and found it invaluable while working on a term paper for a graduate class in ecclesiology at Walsh University during the Spring 2009 semester. I found the searchable information from the early Church Fathers and councils an invaluable source and timesaver for the research I needed to do. The best feature was being able to “copy and paste” into my term paper, saving considerable retyping. I have also used it for Scripture research in preparing homilies. This software should be available to all clergy, theology students and anyone else interested in studying the documented history of the Catholic Christian Church.

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